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Peace be with you...

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Easter was not what any of expected. The church sanctuary was not filled-to-capacity, there were no family get togethers, none of the usual fanfare and activity that so often accompanies the celebration of Easter. This global pandemic has created a dramatic change in all our lives. It might even seem impossible to be celebrating these weeks of Easter. However, despite how life has changed, despite the fact that we are sheltering in place, CHRIST IS RISEN…RISEN INDEED!

In the gospel lesson for this Sunday, we find the disciples behind closed doors – for fear! Jesus has been crucified and buried and now there are rumors that he is alive! As they huddle behind locked doors our Lord comes to them and says, “Peace be with you.” I love that! After they had denied Jesus, fled at his arrest and are now hiding for fear, Jesus says, “Peace be with you.” He doesn’t chastise them for their fear. Jesus does not reprimand them for having weak faith or abandoning him in his hour of need. Rather he comes to them with a word of peace; with a word of healing.

Friends, in this Easter season might we too experience the risen Christ as we shelter behind closed doors. Might we know the peace of Christ that passes all understanding as we struggle to live in a world that has changed overnight. The risen Christ knows our fears, anxieties and our joys and hopes! Today, may the peace of Christ be with you, surround you and keep you.

In the Peace of the Risen One,

Pastor Mary

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